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{About Us}

Love Blooms offers the convenience of many vendors within one company. We can virtually do it all! We offer event design, full service coordination, wedding planning, custom floral to fit your budget and theme, custom signage rentals, décor rentals, and full installation/setup and tear down. Our goal is to help you achieve your wedding dream while making the planning process stress-free. You can choose to hire us for all or just one! We believe each client is unique and therefore their design should reflect that. Ultimately, our aim is to capture your vision and make it a reality within your budget. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help! 


Check out WeddingWire where we are rated 5/5! We were also given the Brides Choice Award since 2012!


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{Our Team}

Katrina, Lori, Jenea, Amelia, Cheree, Raven, Lexi, and Savannah are all talented ladies who have come together to make your special day stunning and flawless.


{Frequently Asked Questions}


How’d you get started in the wedding & event industry? 


When I planned my wedding in 2009 I had a VERY small budget with a guest list of 300. I was frustrated with my options and felt I had to compromise on quality in every aspect. I wanted my dream wedding but there was no way I could afford it. The first thing to get cut due to budget constraints was a day of coordinator. BIG MISTAKE! Someone had to be the go to person and the responsibility fell on my mom. Halfway through my wedding reception, I asked her if she was enjoying the wedding and her reply was "no" since she had to coordinate. Sad. There's a lot that goes into the actual day of your wedding, things that might not even occur to you, regardless they come up and someone has to take care of it. Let Love Blooms be that person and not one of your loved ones. With my attention to detail and passion for the industry, we can put together the best wedding you've ever been to! 


Do you do this full time?


 Yes... Well kind of... I am a stay at home mom of my ten (did I just say ten?!) year old, Gabe and four year old girl, Gracelynn. This allows me to be a mommy and continue to do what I love. The great thing for you is I have PLENTY of time to answer your emails and calls! 


There are lots of wedding & event planners out there... What makes you different from the rest? 


 I have such a love for what I do and it shows. There is nothing I won't do to make your day as special and as easy as possible. I am a hard worker and never stop moving. My attention to detail and passion for what I do compares to none. I strive to make the road down the aisle as fun and effortless as possible for my clients. It takes a lot to plan a wedding and I love to be as involved in the planning process as you want. A wedding is such a wonderful time in your life and I feel so honored to be a part of it. It brings me such satisfaction to know that I am making your wedding a fun, magical, and stress free time.


There are a lot of florists out there.. What makes you different from the rest? 

Since I started as a wedding planner my take on floral and decor is slightly different. I have been you (a person looking for a florist) several times (for my clients:). Therefore, I know what to plan for, I know what guests see and what is overlooked. I know what looks great before the ceremony as well as after the reception. I can help guide you where to put your money and where it's okay to skimp. I also carry a lot of rentals which makes it easier on you. You don't have to piece it all together and hope it looks good together. 


Who would benefit from working with you? 

There is always something that I can do for my clients. I can plan the entire wedding or just help on the day of. I can also just provide floral and decor. No matter how big or small the event, I can help make it easier on you. You can enjoy your big day stress free!


So, who wouldn’t be a good fit to work with you? 


Honestly, I've done so many weddings with many different personality types and in the end, we both have the same goal: a happily ever after and a great road to that moment. If we don't have chemistry, I can recommend someone on my team who will.


Will you work with the vendors I’ve already booked?


Absolutely! I love meeting and working with new professionals in the industry! The more people I can add to my rolodex the better!


Do you take on more than one wedding per day? 


No, you are my only focus on your big day!


What made you start offering flowers as well?


As I said before, I do whatever it takes to make my bride and groom happy and get them what they want. I had a bride ask me if I would put some flowers together for her because she didn't have enough in the budget for a florist. I took on the task and enjoyed every moment of it. Not only did I love helping her out, but I loved the creativity that it allows. Doing flowers is so much fun!


How can you do both flowers and coordinating on the same day?


I do the flower arrangements the day before your wedding so it would never take away from that. I just bring them to the wedding location with me and the best part about it is you don't pay for set up or delivery! 


Is it just you who arranges the flowers?


 No, depending on how big the order is I have a crew that helps me. 


Do you have to pay the full amount at the time of signing the contract? 


No - to secure your date, I take an initial deposit at the time the contract is signed and the final payment is due three weeks prior to your wedding.


What is your goal for Love Blooms?


I would love it if one day Love Blooms accumulated enough weddings that I would be able to continue to do it for the rest of my career. This would allow me to be involved with my kids’ lives and school events while still being able to do what I love. Who doesn’t want to do what they love for the rest of their life? 



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