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{Column Arbors}

Actual rental might look different in person. As rentals come back damaged we have to make similar substitutions.
Flowers, drapery, and other decorations are an additional cost.
Signs/letters not included unless otherwise noted.

* Next to arbor means it requires Love Blooms delivery/removal

wooden columns

Jayden Columns- $20.00 Each 

open air rectangle
Various Open Rectangle Vases

Chloe - $10.00 Each

Daniel* - $100.00
Custom Color Available

greenery columns

Lexi Columns - $20.00 each

Wedding rental.jpg

Judy Columns - $50.00

wedding planner.JPG

Anna - $1500.00

Naomi - $75 - arbor.JPG
open air columns

Gabrielle - $100.00

Naomi - $20.00 each

Ashley Columns - $20.00
*price for single open air column


Hunter Columns - $20.00
*price is each


Layla Columns - $50.00 each

white columns -replace pic with Riley co

Riley Columns - $20.00 each
*price for single solid column

open air columns
open air columns gold

Blake (Copper Columns)
$50.00 Each

Kayla - $100.00

Lily Open Rectangle - $75.00


Grayson Wood Rectangle - $150.00

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