***Actual rental might look different in person. As rentals come back damaged we have to make similar substitutions.*** 

ceiling drpery.jpg

Ceiling Drapery - Starting at $100.00 to rent

soli backdrop drapery

Solid Backdrop Drapery-  $10.00

ivory long drapery

Ivory Long Drapery$50.00 

Chair Drapery
$5.00 each

alter drapery

Altar Drapery- $50.00 to rent

tree drapery

Ava Drapery
$50.00 to rent

image0 (3).jpeg

Mauve Long Drapery $50.00

sheer backdrop

Chiffon Backdrop $10.00

tan drapery

Tan Drapery $15.00

burgundy long drapery

Burgundy Long Drapery $50.00

dusty rose long drapery

Dusty Rose Long Drapery  $50.00

gold drapery panels

Gold Drapery Panels $10.00

grey drapery panels

Grey Drapery Panels $15.00

bluh long drapery

Blush Long Drapery $50.00

pearl long drapery

Pearl Long Drapery $50.00

rose gold sequin backdrop

Rose Gold Sequin Backdrop $25.00


Champagne Sequin Drapery $50.00

dusty blue long drapery

Dusty Blue Long Drapery $50.00

dusty rose drapery panels

Dusty Rose Drapery Panels $25.00

grey long drapery

Grey Long Drapery  $50.00


Drip Navy Drapery -


macrame tapestry

Macrame Tapestry-  $120.00 to rent