***Actual rental might look different in person. As rentals come back damaged we have to make similar substitutions.*** 

geometric candle holder

Geometric Candle Holders - $10.00 each to rent

geometric open shape

Geometric Open Shape - $5.00 each to rent

geometric ring holder

Geometric Ring Holder - $5.00 to rent


Geometric Cake Stand - $10.00

geometric arbor

Open Air Geometric Arbor - $100.00

geometic candle holder

Geometric Square-$10.00 

geometric terrariums

Geometric Terrariums $10.00 

geometric terrarium

Small Geometric Terrarium -$10.00 

geometric terrarium

Large Geometric Terrarium -$10.00 

hanging geometric shapes

Various Small Hanging Geo Shapes  - $5.00 

Geometric Tealight - $5.00 

hanging geometric shapes

Hanging Geometric Shapes  - $5.00 

Geometric Basket (in gold or silver) $10.00