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***Actual rental might look different in person. As rentals come back damaged we have to make similar substitutions.*** 

wood lantern

Wood Lanterns
$10.00 each

open wood lantern
Open Wood
$10.00 each
vintage wood lanterns
Wood Vintage
$10.00 each
large black lanterns
Black Lanterns (S & L)
$10.00 each
black rectangle lantern
Black Rectangle (9" or 11")
$10.00 each
open black lantern
Charcoal Open Rectangle  
$10.00 each
vintage white lantern

Vintage White Lanterns $5.00 each

lantern wedding decor
Rose Gold Rectangle
(various sizes)
$10.00 each
geometric lantern

Geometric Candle Holder (S,M,L) $10.00 each

Gold Oval
$10.00 each 
shiny gold lantern
Shiny Gold Lanterns (12", 17", 22") $10.00 each
Hammered Gold
$10.00 each
Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 12.14.42
White Lanterns (S & L)
$10.00 each
silver lantern

$10.00 each  

FullSizeRender (1).jpeg
Copper Rectangle(various sizes)
$10.00 each
lantern rentals
Gold Square (various sizes)
$10.00 each
gold lanterns
Medium Gold
$10.00 each
gold lantern

Various Open Gold Lanterns $10.00 each

Various White and Copper $10.00 each
Various Galvanized
$10.00 each
Gold Rectangle (6", 8" 10")
$10.00 each
unique lanterns
Open Curved Gold Metal
$15.00 each
Event Rental
Small Gold
$5.00 each

Gold Rectangle with Handle (S, M, L) - $10.00 each

metal lantern

Metal Lanterns
$10.00 each

vintage lantern
Various Vintage Oil Lamps
$15.00 each
wedding lanterns
Large Copper
$10.00 each
Chinese lantern

Chinese Lanterns (various colors/sizes) $3.00 each

copper lantern
Medium Copper
$10.00 each
Gray lantern
Gray - $10.00
vintage lantern
Various Vintage Lanterns
$10.00 each
Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 11.39.49 AM.png
Camping Lantern
$10.00 each
Mandap rental
Wicker Lantern - $10.00
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