{Chalkboard/Mirror Signs}

*** Customized Chalkboards are available upon request. Prices are for Chalkboards ONLY ***

***Actual rental might look different in person. As rentals come back damaged we have to make similar substitutions.*** 

*** Easel Rented Separately***

vitage glass frame sign

Vintage Window- $15.00 

framed chalkboard sign

Various Size Chalkboards- $10.00 

Vintage Glass Frame- $15.00 

Table Mirror Sign - $5.00

Chalkboard Easel-


window chalboard sign

Glass Window-


large mirror sign

Large Mirror-


framed mirror sign

Various Silver Mirrors- $10.00 

Large Tabletop Chalkboard-


framed chalkboard sign

Various Wood Boarder Chalkboards-


framed mirror sign

Various Gold Mirrors-


water color sign

Watercolor Sign-

You choose color


framed chalkboard easel

White Easel Chalkboard- $10.00 

Various Gold Glass Frames-


Small Tabletop Chalkboard-


extra small chalkboard sign

Extra Tall Chalkboard- $20.00 

Ornate Gold Mirror- $10.00